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To extract silica sandand white sand

Our Story

Why elabnoudy Trading?

We are fully aware of the importance of sand in our daily life, so we are always keen to provide the best service and the highest quality sand, and we provide through our quarry all the needs and requests of sand in any quantity..
To be a reason to continue and grow life ❤️

elabnoudy Mining Company is a leading Egyptian company in the field of producing and exporting silica sand and mining with 20 years of experience in this field. And the best equipment to offer the best products.
elabnoudy company owns the best transport fleet and contractors with shipping lines for the ease and speed of transporting silica inside or outside Egypt. Silica can be exported to:
Cyprus, Greece, Spain, India, UAE, Kuwait, Malta, Turkey, Qatar, Senegal, Algeria, Libya, Japan, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Croatia, Philippines, Iraq and Oman.

We are pleased to offer our products to many factories, small and giant companies.

Company Profile

We seek to achieve a strong position and reputation locally and globally by providing the finest types of sand, facilitating shipping and transportation methods, and using the best equipment to maintain quality in order to participate in a bright and prosperous future.

Production and supply of silica sand and yellow sand with high quality suitable for all industries and uses

  • Flexibility

We do our work flexibly and highly, With confidence, we take bold decisions that advance the interests of our partners.

  • Cooperat

We work in a team spirit, cooperate with transparency and exchange knowledge and skills to be our best employees.

  • dedication

We take pride in our work and always strive to achieve outstanding results.

  • respect

We earn respect through our commitment to fairness, trust and integrity in all our relationships.

  • superiority

We excel in our work and regularly deliver the best quality.

  • credibility

We abide by all the necessary duties and implement the promises in order to gain confidence.

elabnoudy Mining Company to supply silica sand in Egypt, silica sand prices in Egypt

year of experience

Engineer and technician

Happy customer with our products

quality first

elabnoudy Company is the first choice

elabnoudy Company is at the forefront of all kinds of sand producing companies due to our constant keenness to provide the best quality sand and we work with the highest production capacity we have to provide all the sand quantities that customers need.

elabnoudy Mining Company to supply silica sand in Egypt, silica sand prices in Egypt

Export to all countries of the world

From the elabnoudy quarry, we export our Egyptian sand to all countries of the world and leave our mark and honor our country.

High quality sand extraction

We extract and produce silica sand and yellow sand of the highest quality raw materials that are used in various fields with a large production capacity.

long experience

Our company relies on engineers and geologists with long experience in the field of sand mining, spanning more than 20 years, in order to provide the best quality.

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